Studio Spaces

Each resident has access to indoor and outdoor communal studio spaces. The fiber barn studio offers a floor loom, serger and three sewing machines in addition to space to accommodate a handful of work spaces and work tables, it is located adjacent to the farmhouse. The ceramics shed is an open-air, covered space located just off the kitchen of the farmhouse. In addition to work space there is an electric wheel and a kiln that fires up to cone 6. The wood shop is located in the basement of the fiber barn studio and offers a table saw, chop saw, band saw, planer, jointer, sander and various hand tools. The open-air pole barn is a large covered outdoor space just down a small slope from the farmhouse and is perfect for large scale or messy projects. We also offer access to a neighboring old rustic theater for performance and movement. All of the shared bedrooms in the farmhouse have tables/desks where residents can work. These spaces are ideal for those wanting a more private work space. Additionally, we encourage artists to explore the sprawling grounds to find new places to work and think.

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