Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided daily. Breakfast is served each morning from 8-10am in the kitchen. Breakfast is continental style and will consistently include items like coffee, cereal, boiled eggs, fruit, toast, spreads, etc and will occasionally rotate additional items such as muffins, diy waffles, specialty spreads and other homemade treats. Lunch is served from 1-2pm daily. Lunch is served buffet style and will consistently include salads, soups, sandwiches and dinner leftovers. Residents are encouraged to take lunch when best suits them during the lunch hour. Additionally, residents may pack their lunch to go if they are working off-site or would like to eat elsewhere. We can help provide to-go containers, but residents are also encouraged to bring their own. Dinner is served nightly at 7pm in the dining area. We do our best to create unique and nutritious meals each night for dinner. Meals in the Lazuli kitchen spotlight produce from our gardens and neighboring farms. Everything is home-made, unprocessed and locally sourced as much as possible.

Allergies and concerns have been taken into account, however, we encourage you to talk with us if you have any serious food concerns. Please let us know right away if you have any dietary concerns.

If you find that you are hungry between meals or have particular diet needs, we encourage you to stock up on your own snacks. We provide a communal refrigerator, so you can store food and drinks for yourselves. There are nearby grocery stores and if you find that you need to pick something up but don’t have a car, you can talk to us about catching a ride when we go into town.

We try our best to accommodate all kinds of diets. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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